Analysts can’t put a price on Tesla stock

Tesla has been the subject of many stories on Binary Options Reporter. It’s even the subject of the only article that ever featured a symbol in its title (Norway ♥ Tesla). But when we get down to the core, the key financials, this brand remains somewhat of a mystery. Because its projected stock value is very much subject to which person you’re asking.

Citron Research: Shorting Tesla

“Citron shorting [Tesla]”, the Citron Research’s tweet began. According to Citron’s analysts, supply and demand problems, and an all around bad news flow will cause the stock to drop to 100 dollars (current price: 185.45) after the price had been around 192 dollars on Tuesday. Does this mean you have to invest every last penny in put binary options on Tesla stock? Not just yet.

Adam Jonas: price increase ahead

Although Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas did lower its forecast on Tesla stock last month, he also believes the company will recover – and not just that. Jonas believes chances are still very likely that the Tesla stock price is going to go up to as much as 333 dollars. A bald statement, considering the price never went higher than 286.65 dollars. This was in July 2015, right before shares dropped dramatically after the company announced that the introduction of the Model X had been delayed.

Model 3

Jonas does predict, however, that Tesla will face problems with the Model 3. According to the analyst, this latest Tesla will hit dealers in 2018, a year later than its manufacturer is hoping to launch. Jonas also thinks that the company’s first electric car for the masses will not be the success its makers believe it will be. While Tesla hopes to sell 500,000 Model 3’s in 2020, Jonas believes sales will stop at 246,000. One of the reasons the car’s popularity will be limited is the low oil price.

Your thoughts?

Which side are you on? Do you think Tesla will rise to the heights projected by Adam Jonas, or are you going with Citron Research? Whatever you choose, make sure you make good money out of it! Trade Tesla binary options now. You can find these binary options at out trusted broker Unifunds.