American city overtaken by Chinese capital

China’s role in the world economy is one we can’t deny. Its economy is thriving, and it shows. No longer is New York home to the most billionaires. China’s capital Beijing just took over the Big Apple’s place.

Australia’s economy

Hurun, a website that covers the list of richest people in the world, published the latest list of billionaires. New York only gained 4 of members of this super-rich elite last year, while Beijing added 32. This brings the Chinese city’s total to 100, while the city that never sleeps gets stuck with only 95. And it’s not just Beijing: China as a country now also inhabits more billionaires than the US: 568 against 535. All these 568 extremely wealthy Chinese together own 1,400 billion dollars, roughly Australia’s total economy. The US and China together are home to almost half of all billionaires. Around the world, 2,188 people have an estimated net worth of 10 figures or more.

Top 10

Beijing is not the only city that houses a great number of super-rich. Half of the top-10 of cities that house the most billionaires is Chinese: Honk Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou are also in the top 10. The top 10 of richest people in the world is still dominated by Americans Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, thanks to Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim Helú losing a whopping 33 billion dollars. Number 4 is also worth mentioning: Amazon founder Jeff Bezos went up no less than 18 places by gaining 24 billion dollars.


But China’s top position doesn’t end here. The Asian country also has a strong lead when it comes to self-made women. Of the 124 women that make this list of extremely rich, China is home to 93 of them. The youngest person to make the list is Evan Spiegel. The Snapchat co-founder joined the elite club at only 25 years old.

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